Top Photographer Workshop & Photo Contest
This Photo program is a new addition to all Blue Kirio Tours and an  original course that is unlike any other being presently conducted on  other Scuba trips, either liveaboard or landbased. This program is  designed to challenge and improve each participants photo skills and  not a computer based course. My philosophy is to get it right when you  photography the subject and avoid spending countless hours editing  each photo to improve it.   This course is designed to provide each photographer with immediate  feedback and broaden their overall shooting skills. The workshop and contest runs over a 7 day period where each day I  set an assignment for the category to photograph that day and at the  end of the day each participant downloads their contest submission to  me. From there it is judged and graded on a 1-5 scale based on several  separate categories. The top 3 point winners for the trip receive cash  off their next Blue Kirio tour.   For the workshop and teaching part of the course, I do a daily group  review/showing of everyone photos and use that session (Usually after  lunch) as an opportunity to critic and teach advanced photo techniques  and provide tips and answer questions in a group setting. I am also always available throughout the trip to review and critic all  photographers images. So come aboard, shoot some great shots, learn  some new U/W Photo techniques and maybe win a discount on your  next dive tour.
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