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Central Indonesia...
Join Capt. Casey of Blue Kirio Scuba Tours on another  outstanding adventure within Indonesia in the fall of 2013.   This tour will have us traveling from North Sulawesi, across  the Maluku Sea to the Islands off of Halmahera and down  through the Seram Sea and finish in Ambon Harbor. So we  will now be starting in the muck diving capitol of the world and  finishing in another one of my favorite muck divine  destinations. We will also be diving some excellent big fish  sites along with a number of outstanding coral reefs with both  soft and hard corals. All of this will be aboard a vessel I had  planned to book in the near future and one which is every bit  as nice as any other vessel I have lead trips on, the Tambora.    The Trip Itinerary: We will board the vessel at Lembeh in North Sulawesi on October 6 and dive that world  famous area for 2-3 days. From there we will then head east cross into the Maluku Sea and  dive the remote island of Tifore which is well now for its clear blue water and large fish action.   From here we will travel further southeast and dive several islands East of Halmahera,  including the Goraici Island group where there are many great dive sites with an abundance of amazing fish life and critter species. The  reefs here are covered with hard & soft corals, along with sponges that are teaming with sweetlips. You will also find schools of red and  black snapper, napoleon wrasse"s, huge size dogtooth tuna and reef sharks.   As we move south we will also dive several islands in the Patinti Strait region which  is a channel between Halmahera Island and Bacan Island. This area has excellent  reefs full of blooming orange soft corals packed with anthias, plenty of large soft  coral covered bommies in all different colors and a variety of species. It is a good  drift dive area with lots of reef sharks; black tip, white tip and grey reef sharks are  resident here as well as rays and many big napoleon wrasse.   In addition, the Patinti Strait area offer great day and night dive sites with many calm  bays which provide good shelter for many critters like robust & ornate ghost pipefish,  bobtail squid, even blue ring octopus and includes rare encounters with epaulette  sharks the walking sharks which are also found here.  As we continue across the Seram sea we will dive a number of sites which offer an  abundance of marinelife and in a variety of habitats. We will finish the trip in Ambon  Harbor and will do a couple of dive days in this legendary muck diving location.    About the Boat:  Tambora was built by divers for divers. They have put a lot of thought into the every  aspect of the vessel in terms of safety, convenience and efficiency. The features of  this vessel are as follows:  Dedicated dive station with separate wet and dry sections  A large room on the upper deck has been custom-built and outfitted as a full dive  station, divided up into two separate sections.   The wet section features:  Personal dive baskets for all guests, to store your BCD, regulators, fins and  mask away from the elements, as well as individual wet suit hangers   Two large rinsing tanks, one for regulators and the other for cameras and  computers (our 2 x 6.5 tons/day reverse osmosis and large freshwater tanks  allow us to change water as often as required)   Filling station and storage for dive tanks   The dry section provides a safe place to open your camera, dive light or computer   Large desktop area as work space, as well as to store sensitive (and often bulky) equipment when not in use   Vessel Accommodations and Interior: Eight spacious guest suites, each at least 15m2 in size, and with a large  en-suite bathroom � Choice of double and large twin beds (no bunk beds!)   All beds longitudinally aligned with the vessel, so our guests sleep in the  direction of the vessel movement � Each guest suite comes with a writing  desk. If you like, you can fill in your logbook or review the shots from the  day's diving in the privacy of your own suite   Ample storage space for cloths, bags, books, magazines, etc.   Large salon with separate dining and relaxing sections, offering enough  space during mealtimes, as well as for chilling out over a chat and drinks  with fellow divers, with a book in your hands, or working on your laptop   Three separate lounge decks - bow, aft and salon rooftop - provide  enough space and privacy, and can be fully shielded from the sun   Tambora was built with a number of considerations in regards to guest comfort which include:  Throughout the entire vessel, separating walls have been sound proofed  with noise absorbing materials. This helps mitigate noise, as well as  guarantee the privacy of our guest suites   Engine room bulkheads are extra thick to absorb engine noise   Similarly, all ceilings and decks have been soundproofed to mitigate step  noise   Tambora's power train employs a flexible coupling to reduce vibration and  thus structure-borne noise   Her five-blade propeller is made of a special, very stiff alloy, minimizing  internal vibration of the blades which are a key source of structural noise   All engines under deck sit on flexible, shock-absorbing mountings  Our silent water-cooled air conditioning system does not need noisy  radiator fans   All ceilings and decks have been thermally insulated, to prevent the rooms underneath from heating up under the intense tropical  sun Tambora's hull is kept in white color and hence reflects sunlight. As trivial as it sounds, this makes a huge difference to temperatures  inside!   All guest suites as well as the large salon feature individually controllable air conditioning 
Trip Specifics: Trip Specifics: Dates: October 6-18 2013...12 Days Cost: $4500/pp...  Includes all Port & Park Fees, Photo Workshop & Contest, meals, land transport to and from the boat, accommodations and diving wile aboard the Tambora
...Lembeh to Ambon
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